Chorafakia in Chania

by Eleni Anastasaki
'Chania, Crete, Greece' - Chania
'Chania, Crete, Greece' - Attribution: Fiona Bradley

Chorafakia is a village located in Akrotiri, 11 km away from the city of Chania and 8 km away from the airport and it is a quiet setting offering you all you need to spend your most amazing holidays in the island. From self-catering apartments that are more family oriented or are ideal for you and your friends, you will realize how this is a great option that you have when in Chorafakia in order to feel more at home as possible.

If you are looking to stay at a hotel or luxury villas still the area can fulfill your wish. Be aware that the small but astonishing village of Choorafakia has taverns, supermarkets from which you can purchase all the essentials, bakeries and much more and it is the ideal place if you wish to relax and enjoy the Greek myth: sun and sea in the front row!

Besides what else is there to remind you of summer other than the sun and sea? The ideal destination for family holidays offering you and your children the best facilities you can get. In Chorafakia you will discover the magic of swimming to crystal clear waters and enjoying every minute of it as well as the most amazing scenery consisting of all the summer’s essentials.

Enjoy your summer the best way you can with a trip to Chania and more specifically to the more pure and natural Chorafakia and discover a home away from home in the amazing Crete. Let the locals make you feel like home and discover the true magic of Greek flavors. While in Chorafakia try the best Cretan delicacies and you feel like you taste these amazing flavors for the first time. If you wish to really rest and leave behind you all the worries then you need to unwind with the best possible way: travelling to Crete and nothing will be the same again.

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