Kalathas in Chania

by Eleni Anastasaki
Kalathas Akrotiri
'Καΐκι!' - Chania
'Καΐκι!' - Attribution: Christos Loufopoulos

Kalathas is a small natural bay at Akrotiri peninsula, on the north west of Chania, around 14 km from the city of Chania and almost a 10 km distance from the International Airport of Chania. A peaceful and quiet settlement, with a wide sandy beach that offers its visitors the chance to enjoy more than anything the sun and the sea.

Situated in the west of Crete, Kalathas village, maintains its character and beauty and offers you the chance to live your dream not only in Greece but more importantly in Crete. Chania is with no doubt one of the most popular parts of the island that you have to see anyway whether you are staying there or in an other part of the island.

The famous Cretan cuisine consisting of ntakos, gamopilafo and kaltsounia a sweet snack are only just a few from the local delicacies that you can try.

Kalathas in Akrotiri is offering you all types of accommodation covering even the most demanding tastes. If you wish to spend with your friends the most amazing holidays then you need to consider going for a self catering apartment with all the comforts like kitchen bathroom in order to save money and make your life much easier. From villas to one bedroom apartments Kalathas has everything to offer to you.

The beach of Kalathas is amazing but you can always go down the road and enjoy your swim at Stavros beach that is also amazing in order to see as many different beaches you can. The important thing while in Kalathas is -apart from the fact that you will feel the true Cretan hospitality every moment- that you have everything you need. Cease the chance and visit all the local villages around Chania and explore their unique beauty and try their most breathtaking seas for a swim, you will not regret it!

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