The traditional village of Vamos in Chania

by Eleni Anastasaki
'Lefka Ori' - Chania
'Lefka Ori' - Attribution: Shepard4711

Vamos is a traditional village, at a distance of 26 km from the city of Chania. Vamos still preserves its authentic Cretan character with a variety of feasts taking place in the area annually. This is also an important area that promotes ecotourism and agro-tourism as the area is filled with green, trees and is the shelter of so many animals. If you wish to visit this lush landscape of exceptional beauty then you will find many small hotels to cater for your every need.

This village of unique character played a significant role to Cretan history during the Turkish occupation and many attempts have been made to capture this unique village.

Are you looking for adventure and excitement to a place that will remain in your memory? Then you have to visit Vamos! The village has a traditional vibe that will take over you and you will discover that this Cretan village is like no other due to its historical importance. It is a very scenic village that has maintained its rustic and original character trough the years and you may see that nowadays many buildings remind us of this time. A number of of buildings as the old wine-grocery, the cafe and the girls’ school have been restored or reconstructed to a hotel.

Take your car and explore the area and see for your own the villages around the area as you will find a wide variety of traditional architecture samples from churches to buildings. Xirosterni, Souri, Palailoni, Drapanos and many more villages are only a few kilometers away from Vamos and are waiting for you to explore them. Besides the area has a unique character and you will find a number of activities and events to keep your interest.

If you are around in April you may attend the “Hochlidovradia” or diffentely put the “snails' eve”! It is a traditional feast where snails (“chochlioi in the Cretan idiom), a beloved food of the Cretan people, cooked in various ways are offered to everyone, along with tsikoudia and plenty of music and dancing challenging you to live life through the eyes of the locals and you will just absolutely love it!

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